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Friday, November 4, 2011

Uncle Paul

Uncle Paul called last night. He was telling me that his white cell count is on the rise again. Dr suggested another round of chemo, but it is was entirely up to him, and he has to wait for approval from insurance. That is the situation he is in. He always asks about everybody, but I can't tell him what I don't know. So I am leaving it up to you to call your Uncle Paul. RB

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Richard's Life Rules

1. Don't shoot yourself in the foot, but keep your gun loaded.
2. Don't piss off anyone you can't outrun.
3. Don't piss in others' Cherrios.
4. Don't "backlight" yourself.
5. Don't let your bank account run dry, you might need it for your escape.
6. Don't sweat the petty shit, and don't pet the sweaty shit.
7. What goes around comes around. Have patience Grasshopper.
8. Don't start any forest fires that you can't put out.
9. This is my last blog. Good bye. Signing off and closing down.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Down & Dirty

The latest and local news from The letha Sewer all the way from flush central to the depths of the south pond. Ever thing and thing's are flowing smoothly right from the twist of that little chrome handle followed by the sounds swirling water to thump's of the chunks to the final gurgle as ever thing and thing's disappear down that deep dark hole. Good by! Now for the good news, The letha Sewer has passed the seepage test as mandated by D.E.Q. ya raw and little fishes. All this B.S. took up the other half of my summer what a bummer. Do I hear some sniveling going here, ya I think so. Coast us around 8 gez that's a lot of money. Now we are on to bigger and better things like raising the sewer rates and buying powdered degreaser, every household gets some to flush down the crapper, cleans as it goes and winds up all together at the pump station. Keeps the float switches clean and functioning as per the tech manual and everything turns on and off in the correct order. Ya you have to have order, if not then things back up then blows up then OMG !!!!! The mess ! Can you imagine the crapper back flushing into your freshly cleaned and scrubbed throne room. Thing's are not looking so good right about now. You may think that I am full of it, but guess what, DILLIGAF.
   Did you hear about Fred and Ethel ? Well F. & E. were a long time married couple, about 60 years ,they had been together so long that they just hated each other. Their fights around the hood were legendary, whether in the local bar, bowling alley or laundry mat. One of the things F. always said to E. was, that when he dies he was going to dig he's way out of his grave and come back to haunt her. Well just before his 90th B. day, F. passes away. So they planted him. That night at the bar E. was sucking down beer after beer and gettin kind of wobbly, the bar tender comes over, sets down another beer and says to E. Do you think F. will keep his promise and dig his way out and come back to haunt you? E. looks at him with a silly grin and says, you don't have to worry about F. I buried him upside down!!!!!!!!!!!

Later RB

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Somewhere..over the rainbow..

Richard and I both went thru that "poor me" stage. We each had a meltdown of sorts. But life goes on and we adapted and over came. Drove all the way to Nelson's from MH with no lights hooked up. Extremely lucky.

I get to go back to MH on Tuesday morn for Mom's dr appt. He has told her not to drive, and he will do some tests on mental capacity, as she has told him she has memory loss. Don't know if she is telling the whole story or not. We believe her memory fades are sometimes of her own doing. Convenient for her. Dad is not doing as well as we hoped. Might have to separate them again for each of their own good.

Jason worked for Richard and did a wonderful job. Can't say enough about that young man. Hard worker, easy to get along with, just all around good guy. Our place looks so much better for his efforts. Thanks again Jason.

Yard is getting watered, at least the part the flood missed. Looks like someone lives here again. Hey, that's US!!! So good to be home.

Has anyone out there tried the Eggies?  There is a learning curve, but I had a great time making hard boiled eggs. Sounds weird, but they work great. Saving work on the backside with no peeling, but a little more work on the front end. Worth it in the end. If you don't know what they are, you aren't watching the right commercials on the stupid tube.

Bought peaches yesterday. $.75 per lb. Found them in the paper. Emmett has a farmers market, but all were gone and the ones that had been there were $1.50 per lb. These are Albertas, and still a little green, but they will be gone before most ripen. I bought them for a friend, and we will just keep a few. Got some nectarines for Rich too. I don't can, freeze maybe. We usually do cherries that way and have them all year long.

Have to take meds now, Rich just reminded me about them. You all have a great Sunday. Later   Cathy

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Here is the new baby. She is about 2 lbs and is full of piss and vinegar. She runs circles around us and Lucy. She has figured out the dog doors already. Too smart.  She has learned Lucy's trick. Go out the front door and beats us back in. She sleeps all night (until about 6 am).

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Hello! We're Home!

Home is a wonderful place. Kinda thought we wouldn't see it again. But here we are! Got home Tuesday afternoon, after we dropped the trailer off at Nelson's RV for needed warranty work, picked up a new family member, and came on into home. The grass didn't grow much after the flood, but the weeds went bonkers. We had tree sized weeds. Wednesday evening, Rich mowed most of the yard, and finished it today. We had Jason come over and help clean out the pump house as he is littler and more versatile than Rich. They got it cleaned and re insulated. Jason is coming back tomorrow to do some weed eating. Yay!! The place looks like someone lives here again. Now, onto the new family member. I had been grieving the loss of Emmy something fierce. Last Thursday, Robby sent me a photo of a little girl (puppy) who had lost her home to a red bone hound. Owners didn't want her, so guess who did. Rob had to keep her until we could pick her up. I'll post a photo soon. She is a Min-Pin/Chihuahua mix and is about 9 months old. Lucy has put her in her place several times, and continues to complain about the pup. Her former owners called her Nevaeh. Heaven backwards. Might that be a warning? I shortened it to Nova. She comes to that easily. She is black and tan like Lucy, with a long tail. Lots of energy. She runs circles in the yard. We have installed a bell on her collar as she is so small we need to know where she is at all times. I don't want to step on her. She has adjusted enuf to quit following me everywhere and has started following Rich. She is not allowed up with Rich yet. Needs to be here awhile longer. She has found many pens, pieces of books, lots of chewable things. We need to get her some toys. We have nothing for puppies, it's been a long time. Here we go again.
You all have a great weekend.
Happy birthday Royce, Justin, Robin and whoever else I forgot. (Saw Justin's and Robin's b-day on facebook) Later...Cathy

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Last one of the bunch.

She's gone. We are so sad. She was my baby. We got her at 6 weeks old, one year after Oscar. They were full brother and sister, just different litters. She went to find Oscar, Little Man, and Minnie yesterday afternoon. It hurts so bad.